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CeMAT Asia in 2020 wonderfully closed. Expects Herdar wheels and castors company to an appointment with you next year.

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The CeMAT Asia formally closed on November 6th,2020, starting from November 03—06 in SNIEC. So many exhibitors and visitors attended with crowded environment.

In the exhibition our company continues decorating with the bar table and chairs to showcase our positive communication and dynamic sporting appearance, which highlights our exhibition team more experienced and more internationalization.

Based on the theme of Intelligent Logistics, Herdar wheels and castors company exhibits the industrial castors, individual castors, AGV driving and driven castors, and provides the superior quality, practical property castors and wheels to the automated logistics industry.

The driven castors are the most important part of AGV of intelligent robots’ mobility, its performance shows antistatic, abrasion resistant without fading, twin wheels design and flexibility etc. Attached application sceneries. 

Mecanum wheels is special wheels and may not swerve but easily move in all directions. It mainly adapts to mobile platform, forklift and robotic warehousing ect.


The heavy load wheels and castors’ of Herdar townprene can load at least 3.1 tons. It can be used for machine, aircraft and building ship in the heavy load industry due to its abrasion resistant and long-term durability.

About Herdar wheels and castors


Herdar wheels and castors company has been devoted to developing, designing and manufacturing all kinds of wheels and castors over the past 30 years, and holds the core technology skill on the urethane material formula. We have more than 3,000 kinds of product and can provide the reliable solutions for Auto industry, super market, medical health machinery, airport and other transportation logistic system.


Four days’ showtime passes quickly. In the future Herdar wheels and castors will continuously move forward to attract our customers.

to our superior quality product and service.

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