C670 Extra Heavy Duty Herdar Towprene? Premium Polyurethane castor
C670R/TEU2080zb/twin series:
product manual: 1. Top plate thickness: 14-16 mm
2. Kingpin size: 48 mm
3. Surface Finish: zinc plated
4. Features: Kingpin is welded to the top plate combined
with a large thrust and tapered bearing. An extra heavy
duty castor.
Rolling resistance
Mute operation
Ground protection
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Technical Parameters: (mm, kg, ℃)
Dia. x Width(DxW) 200x80 mm
Offset (w/ Brake)(R) 180 mm
Total Height(H) 300 mm
Bolt hole diameter(d) 18 mm
Top plate size(AXB) 255X200 mm
Bolt hole spacing(axb) 210X160 mm
Max Load Capacity 2500 kg
Hardness 98 +_3 Shore A
Bearing type Ball bearing
Load Capacity 2500 kg

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