Korean Type Medium Heavy Duty Pullprene? Polyurethane crown tread mold-on Cast iron castors
C516BA/CUP5200/PGD series:
product manual:

1.Top plate thickness:6 mm

2.Kingpin size:16 mm

3.Surface Finish:Blue zinc plated

4.Features:Plastic dust ring to protect ball bearings

The brake is equipped with an unlocking pedal. The brake block is made of nylon

material, which does not damage the tread.

Rolling resistance
Mute operation
Ground protection
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Technical Parameters: (mm, kg, ℃)
Dia. x Width(DxW) 127x50 mm
Offset (w/ Brake)(R) 99(120)mm
Total Height(H) 167 mm
Bolt hole diameter(d) 11 mm
Top plate size(AXB) 116X100 mm
Bolt hole spacing(axb) 76.2X66.68 mm
Max Load Capacity 300 kg
Hardness 92 +_3 Shore A
Bearing type Ball bearing

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