重型双减震轮Herdar Trackprene?厚胶聚氨酯弧型铁芯轮组
C725S-3.6/KU1550/TG series:
product manual: 1. Top plate thickness: 10 mm
2. Kingpin size: 16 mm
3. Surface Finish: Blue zinc plating
4. Features: A spring with a polyurethane block shock absorber for light to heavy loads.
Rolling resistance
Mute operation
Ground protection
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Technical Parameters: (mm, kg, ℃)
Dia. x Width(DxW) 150X50 mm
Offset (w/ Brake)(R) 133(190) mm
Total Height(H) 205 mm
Bolt hole diameter(d) 14 mm
Top plate size(AXB) 158.75X114.3 mm
Bolt hole spacing(axb) 133.4-85.7X125.4-61.9 mm
Max Load Capacity 400 kg
Hardness 158.75X114.3 mm
Bearing type Ball bearing
Spring Travel 23 mm
Spring Tension 400 kg
Initial Tension 100 kg

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